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2015 SMG Awards


Recognising the outstanding service of Pastoral Care Workers and Local Church Volunteers to school communities across South Australia.

School leadership staff, classroom teachers, SSOs, Pastoral Care Workers, support groups, local churches and members of the community are invited to nominate people for the 2015 SMG Awards. Nominations must be received by 5.00pm Friday 5th of June. Nominations will be assessed by selection panel of SMG leadership staff and board members. The six awards will then be presented on Tuesday 21st of July at the opening night celebrations of the SMG Conference. 



Community Builder Award
- Pastoral Care Worker connected the local church and wider community with the school
- The connections made by the Pastoral Care Worker have had a direct positive impact

Impacting Project Award
- Pastoral Care Worker led and facilitated an innovative and needed project within the school community that had a significant impact

Outstanding Care or Support Award
- Pastoral Care Worker has provided ongoing or once off personal care or support to a child, young person, family, staff member, or whole school community, beyond what is expected



Signifcant Contribution Award
- Volunteer has had a significant impact on the school community over time, in meeting the needs of the community without any benefit for themself

Dedicated Service Award
- Volunteer has faithfully served the school community on a regular basis over a long period of time

Positive Partnership Award
- A local church community or support group who demonstrates strong partnership between church and school, or amongst churches in support of their local schools

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