ADVOCATE, PEACEKEEPER AND INTERPRETER - Providing Social and Emotional Support to Children

above: Pastoral Care Worker, Kerry Crowden with Students

above: Pastoral Care Worker, Kerry Crowden with Students

“I am the advocate for the person who doesn’t have a voice. I am a peacekeeper and interpreter to the two sides of the story.  I am that calming influence when emotions get in the way of seeing clearly.”

For over six years, Kerry Crowden has provided a Chaplaincy Service to Meadows and Macclesfield Primary Schools, and more recently to Eastern Fleurieu Ashbourne Campus.

“There was one child who had severe separation anxiety each day when his mum dropped him off at school. I thought that sharing an activity together might help so over four weeks we built some tall ships together while he shared his feelings and fears. When I felt that we had established some trust, I shared with him about how ships weren’t built to be tied up at the end of the dock where they were safe. They went out into rough seas and sailed long distances to deliver their cargo before they returned to port safely and docked again. This was just like each morning when he would let go of his mum’s hand. Like the ship he would sail through the day without her, and she would be waiting for him to dock again at home time.”

This valuable time spent with Kerry enabled the child to settle in to school and helped him overcome his anxiety. A parent recently commented about the Chaplaincy Service she received “during a difficult time last year Kerry was an amazing support to our whole family.  It is wonderful to know that she is there for our children if they need someone to talk to.” 

Your gift to SMG will enable School Chaplains like Kerry to provide social and emotional support to students, staff, families and the whole school community.

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