FROM THE DIRECTOR’S DESK - Angela Jolly, Executive Director

SMG has been focusing this year on how we intentionally add value to people by thinking of, looking for, doing and encouraging others to value people. Therefore, as a valued supporter of SMG I invite you to attend our SMG conference community night where we will be demonstrating, recognising and celebrating the value of the community who support schools across South Australia (refer to back page for details).

SMG would be irrelevant and have no purpose if we didn’t partner with and serve the wider South Australian community. All of our service areas only operate in partnership with others and with the support of community members that value others and give of their time and resources. The stories in this newsletter highlight the value of the community working together to see positive change.

A good litmus test for any organisation is to ask - if we were gone tomorrow would anyone miss our service? Feedback we have from school communities would shout a resounding YES!

Together, we make a difference. From the 91 combined church support groups who represent hundreds of churches providing breakfast clubs and mentoring programs, to the 270 plus Pastoral Care Workers who provide an ongoing pastoral presence in over 340 schools and our “Life Matters” seminar team presentations to over 20,000 students highlight just a few ways we serve. YES they would be missed - in fact schools are asking for more.

Thank you for your support and remember: Together Everyone Achieves More

- Angela Jolly, Executive Director

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Kerryn Coombs