HOPE COLLECTIVE - Creating a Strong, Healthy Community

The Whyalla Stuart community is faced with many complex social and community challenges that has a significant impact on children feeling valued and being able to reach their full potential. Yet there is a huge swelling of optimism and hope that all is not lost, and that the community can grow and become stronger again. Twenty-five key community members and not for profit, community and government organisations have come together to form the HOPE Collective.

The name was chosen by the community to represent the result they would like to see – that every member of the Whyalla Stuart community can live every day with a sense of hope – being healthy, optimistic, having a sense of community pride and feeling empowered. 

This Collective Impact initiative strives to bring the community together to discover new and innovative ideas to drive community transformation. Community member interest, participation and commitment continues to grow. SMG is a key part of this initiative with Michael Edgecomb, Community Services Manager providing leadership, resources and support to the HOPE Collective.

We have started holding regular community events with up to 500 people attending. To continue to move forward we have to make sure the local community drive what we are doing. This means engaging with children, young people and adults. There is incredible potential in every single member of the Whyalla Stuart community – and that is what HOPE Collective is all about unearthing.
— Michael Edgecomb. SMG Community Services Manager
above: Hope Collective Community Event

above: Hope Collective Community Event

A number of projects will commence to assist with community pride, reducing harmful and offending behaviours as well as access to fresh food. This will also be supported by SMG through the provision of chaplaincy services in five more schools in Whyalla.

Your generous gift will support this community as they work together rebuilding lives that have purpose, value and hope.


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Kerryn Coombs