A HEIGHTENED SENSE OF CARE AND PURPOSE - Supporting Staff, Students and Parents

above: Adelaide High School PCW Andrew Babirat with Student

above: Adelaide High School PCW Andrew Babirat with Student

Andrew has contributed significantly. He has not only been the Chaplain in the school he has been a support person for staff and students, no matter what background. The families that work with him speak very highly of him and think that he does a wonderful job in the school. He works in a really connected and respectful way.

Andrew works with students at lunch time. He runs a proactive gaming club for those students that don’t seem to feel comfortable in the yard. Those students are learning collaboration skills, they’re learning leadership, they’re with like minds. He has made those students feel really comfortable and really welcomed in the school.

The breakfast club was Andrew’s initiative several years ago. I think we started out with 20 students, and this week there were 100 students.  The volunteers have been long standing people that have been coming into the school. They give freely of their time and work really well with Andrew.

above: Anita Zocchi, Adelaide High School Principal

above: Anita Zocchi, Adelaide High School Principal

I would like to say that if every school had the opportunity to have someone like Andrew, with Andrew’s attributes and the qualities that they bring, all our schools would be well serviced and we would have an additional way of supporting our school communities, and enhancing the wellbeing of everyone.

- Anita Zocchi, Principal, Adelaide High School*

Your gift will provide a Chaplaincy Service to students, staff and families in South Australian Schools. Please give generously.

*Ms Zocchi will soon be commencing as Principal of University Senior College.

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