Changing the Way We See the World

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The Christmas story begins with a young woman and a young man. Then shepherds, wise men, a king, soldiers, angels, not to the mention a donkey. A curious combination of characters. Such diversity to open up a story, and no doubt each character brought with them traditions and beliefs that were unique to them. But they came, nonetheless, to meet a baby. One believed to change the course of history forever.

What does Christmas mean in a world full of different people, traditions, and beliefs? Is it possible the Christmas Story can change the way we see the world – you, me and everyone else?

“This year our Christmas Seminar ‘#you and me’ is an exploration into diversity and inclusion, as well as practical examples of embracing people who are different to us.” explains Matt Crook, Education Services Manager. “Through a creative retelling of the Christmas story, we will describe to primary aged students the moment Jesus was born as a great example of how people from many different backgrounds were included in his story - a trend that continued all the way through Jesus’ life. One man on a mission to draw people together, inspiring unity and giving people a place to belong.”

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"Edwardstown Primary is a secular school that is made up of a lot of different cultures and religions, and a large number of students are not aware of Jesus and who he was. Matt and his team deliver a sensitive inclusive retelling of the Christmas story at a level that is understood.

The Life Matters presentations are always well received by the students and we look forward to their visit again this year."

- Simone Morrison PCW, Edwardstown Primary School

Your gift for Christmas Seminars is appreciated and will enable the team to share the Christmas story with students across metropolitan and regional South Australia.

Kerryn Coombs