compliments bags

Lisa Peterson, the SMG Pastoral Care Worker at Long Street Primary School in Whyalla, developed an innovative idea to help nine middle and upper primary classes.

Peterson, Lisa - Long Street PS.jpg

“I put together a lesson plan with the school counsellor to teach the students about compliments, and then gave them all bags to decorate with their name. We stuck them on a board, and on small pieces of paper, they wrote compliments to each other.  Each day they chose different classmates to write a compliment about, and at the end of the day, they got to check their bags to see all the nice things that others had said about them. Students were given new words and ideas that were positive in nature, and not negative. They looked for good things to say, rather than negative things, helping to change their thinking and the way they looked at others. 

This simple and innovative approach has had a positive impact with the students, and other teachers at the school want to adopt the ‘compliments bag’ idea for their classes. The students have been empowered and have improved their capabilities and connection with their peers. The most notable change as a result of this program has been a significant improvement in their relationships, especially with their language, and it has promoted respectful and meaningful interactions in the playground.”  

Long Street Primary has only had a PCW for 12 months, after successfully applying for NSCP funds. Staff have seen the changes in the school already saying, “Lisa has been a great support for staff, children and families from what I have seen. She has been doing fantastic activities with students to try and promote a positive change. Positive relationships with students has improved student learning and wellbeing”.

Your generous donation to School Chaplaincy has a significant impact helping students to build positive relationships with their peers rather than negative ones that lead to poor behaviour and bullying.

Kerryn Coombs