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12 Angus Ave
Edwardstown, SA, 5039

(08) 8378 6800

2018 Newsletter Edition 1


Kerryn Coombs


“I have been honoured to be asked to serve as Patron of SMG. Through close contact over a number of years with the SMG team, I have been able to observe them at work in schools and in the community. I have always been impressed by their sense of calling, their passion for pastoral care and their belief in the capacity to make a difference in the lives of those under stress or anxiety.” 

“The focus of SMG is on students and the work of its Pastoral Care Workers in schools for over twenty five years has been widely respected, as its continued growth attests; in addition, the wider communities in which SMG-supported schools are located have also benefited from the work of the SMG team. In an age when there are so many negative threats and pressures in our school communities and the wider community, SMG is an important part in helping build resilience and self-confidence.”