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ANGELA JOLLY; SMG Executive Director

ANGELA JOLLY; SMG Executive Director

Recently I have been reminded that unexpected things can and do happen.  I have just returned to work after six weeks recovering from an unforeseen major operation. My healing is going well, and I have been looking forward to coming back, but this experience highlighted that sometimes big and small things unexpectedly happen.

Most times we are prepared for the challenges we face, however when we are confronted suddenly and unexpectedly we can be shaken and become vulnerable. It’s at times like these that support is often needed, and why I am so passionate about the support we provide to children, young people, and families through our Chaplaincy and Wellbeing services to school communities. It is a privilege to journey with others when they are shaken, struggling, hurting or vulnerable.

Expecting the unexpected – we all experience this in our lives. With your partnership, we want to continue to provide welcome and unexpected help, support and pastoral care that turns something scary or negative, into an experience that is encouraging, uplifting and positive.


Great news! The Federal Government has announced it will extend current levels of funding for the National School Chaplaincy Program beyond 2018. It is my hope that this contribution, along with the continued gifts and support from you and many others across South Australia, will enable SMG to continue to offer Chaplaincy and Wellbeing services to children and young people across South Australia.

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