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2018 Newsletter Edition 2


Kerryn Coombs


above: Nick Henley, Ansvar SA/NT State Manager and Matt Crook, SMG Education Services Manager

above: Nick Henley, Ansvar SA/NT State Manager and Matt Crook, SMG Education Services Manager

Did you know that suicide is now the number one cause of death for Australian men aged between 15-44? Thanks to the generosity of a Community Education Program Grant from Ansvar Insurance, Matt Crook, SMG Education Services Manager is developing a new workshop specifically targeted at boys aged 12 to 17 called ‘Blueprint to Becoming a Man’. 

“It is our goal that this workshop will transform boys, how they feel about themselves, how they interact with and treat others, how they view, engage and treat girls and women, and how they interact with their community. This early intervention program will equip boys to better navigate their journey into manhood, providing alternative options when it is needed; and through being better equipped, we hope suicide rates will reduce.”

Warren Hutcheon, Ansvar Insurance CEO said “We are very proud of our Community Education Grant Program and inspired by the phenomenal work that this year’s seven recipients do to better the lives of Australia’s young people. Funding for non-profit organisations becomes more and more of a challenge every year, and Ansvar looks forward to watching these amazing organisations make a positive impact in so many people’s lives.”

$18,000 is still needed to present the ‘Blueprint to Becoming a Man’ workshops throughout South Australia. Your gift will have a positive life changing impact on the boys and young men who participate in this new and unique program.

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