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2018 Newsletter Edition 3


Kerryn Coombs


Tamika King, SMG Pastoral Care Worker and Tahlia, Moonta Area School Student

Tamika King, SMG Pastoral Care Worker and Tahlia, Moonta Area School Student

“I first started talking to our school’s Pastoral Care Worker in year 9 about some help for a photography project I was doing. She showed me the way around my camera and I have learnt a lot, and my photography dreams have become a reality. Being involved with Tamika has also helped my school work out a lot. I have learnt coping mechanisms, my anxiety levels have come down immensely and I can cope with situations now that I wouldn’t have been able to cope with two years ago.” Tahlia, Year 11 student.

Tamika King is the Pastoral Care Worker (PCW) at Moonta Area School, and her goal was to “help Tahlia gain more knowledge about photography as well as increase her understanding and confidence in herself and her own abilities. Tahlia is now on the way to becoming a professional photographer.”

Tahlia’s parents have watched their daughter grow as she has worked with the PCW “Since Tahlia’s interactions with Tamika we have seen a big difference in her confidence, in her everyday dealings with school work, teachers and her friendship groups. Tamika goes above and beyond and her guidance has been invaluable to Tahlia. If every school had a PCW like Tamika that could change the life of just one child, that would be reward enough.”

Your donation to SMG makes it possible for young people like Tahlia to learn, grow and reach their full potential.


Kerryn Coombs


In May, the Federal Government announced that the National School Chaplaincy Programme (NSCP) would be extended beyond 2018. This is great news for the 340+ schools that access an SMG Chaplaincy Service.

After this announcement, SMG Chairperson Graham Brown and I met with our new State Education Minister Hon John Gardner MP to advocate for the continued support of School Chaplaincy and to commence discussions about co-investment from the State Government.

Angela Jolly,  SMG Executive Director

The renewed NSCP will have a greater focus on supporting students and school communities affected by bullying and in particular cyber-bullying. Data we collect at SMG about our services has already confirmed that bullying and harassment is the second highest issue for students accessing our Chaplains. We are already providing support, guidance and leadership in this space, and welcome this greater area of focus to support children and young people across South Australia.

Tackling bullying in schools, and in society is not a one person job, nor is there a quick fix or easy solution. We need to be building each other up, not tearing down. We need to include, not exclude. We need to care, not ignore. We need to love.

The SMG team aims to be a part of the solution bringing about the best possible outcomes for SA’s children and young people. I hope you will continue to stand with us because together we are stronger and will make a bigger difference and positive impact in our community.

Angela Jolly

SMG Executive Director


Kerryn Coombs



The Student Action Team, Kathy Pivetta, SMG Pastoral Care Worker and Kiah Craig, Student Wellbeing Leader are working together to improve the anti-bullying program at Findon High School. Last year students made pledges against bullying which promoted friendship as well as respectful and supportive behaviours. These pledges were revisited recently, with feedback obtained from the whole student body to see how students were going keeping their pledges, and what progress had been made to reduce bullying. 

Kiah Craig, Student Wellbeing Leader and Kathy Pivetta, SMG Pastoral Care Worker

Kiah Craig, Student Wellbeing Leader and Kathy Pivetta, SMG Pastoral Care Worker

“The Student Action Team’s leadership identified that there was improvement, but more work needs to be done. They provided suggestions for updating our Safe School Policy. This initiative has also created space for personal reflection on our actions and their impact on others. The team are a strong voice in leading the school towards future anti-bullying programs” Kathy shared.  

Kiah Craig supports the work that Kathy is doing with the students and acknowledges the positive impact she is having “Kathy’s organisation, passion and follow through has ensured that anti-bullying programs remain an important part of Findon’s culture.  She keeps safety, kindness and generosity on the agenda of what underpins successful learning in a real life learning context.”

Your gift to SMG School Chaplaincy services provides purpose, value and hope to children and young people across SA.