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2018 Newsletter Edition 4


Kerryn Coombs

left to right: Life Matters team members Alisi Tavui, Michael Nganga, Hannah Heading and Tyla Hoffrichter

left to right: Life Matters team members Alisi Tavui, Michael Nganga, Hannah Heading and Tyla Hoffrichter

Term 4 is always a really busy time of year for the Life Matters team. They present their Transition to High School workshop to year 7 students and they spend many hours on the road, all over the state of South Australia bringing the story of Christmas to students who may have never even heard the dream and story that started it all. During the presentation the team celebrate the best parts of Christmas - gift giving, trimming of trees, sharing, and joyful friendship - but most of all, they spend time sharing the Christmas story.

This year the team is sharing the theme “Christmas - What Dreams Are Made Of”. Sometimes dreams are big and extravagant - dreams of a future full of possibilities. But dreams can also be smaller and all about presents under the Christmas tree. No matter our age or era we all know that feeling of expectation and excitement. 

Christmas really is what dreams are made of!

The Christmas story is about Jesus, a baby born to Mary and Joseph, born in the strangest circumstance and setting, yet planned by a loving God, and dreamt of by generations of people. The people in Jesus’ time were dreaming of change, dreaming of one who would come to change their world forever. But to their surprise, their dreams were fulfilled in a strange way, through the birth of a baby in a manger. The Christmas story is presented through activities, exciting visual media, compelling storytelling and each student receives a take-away gift as a reminder of the presentation and what Christmas is really about. 

Your gift for Christmas Seminars is appreciated and will enable the team to share the Christmas story with students across metropolitan and regional South Australia.