What an honour to recognise and celebrate with so many of you at our recent community event. I am ever humbled by the impact that is achieved as we work together in unity. 

The word unite means to combine (people) in interest, attitude or action, this is what we celebrated and recognised. People from all over SA not just having a discussion but taking action and making a positive difference.

Over the past few months we have been having conversations with our 90 Support Groups around the state and one of the key questions we asked was: Why is Chaplaincy important?

The responses included: Love in action, a positive Christian presence, pastorally supporting families, relational Christianity, practical Christianity, community connection, a compassionate and caring presence and person, spiritual support, a neutral person, serving the community and offering hope.

It was great to have John Gardner the Minister for Education speak with us about HOPE and the positive aspects, changes and discoveries in our world. 

As we head towards the Christmas season, we are reminded of the hope that is discovered in the birth of Jesus. It is because of the example of Jesus that we unite, love and offer hope to our communities.

During term four schools across SA will hear the Christmas story from the Life Matters seminar team, or the local churches will provide morning tea’s for World Teachers day, a transition day program will support year 7’s moving into year 8 and Pastoral Care Workers will provide chaplaincy services each week to tens of thousands of students. Chaplaincy is important!

Angela Jolly

SMG Executive Director

Kerryn Coombs