left to right: Yvonne, June, Denise and Dorothy

left to right: Yvonne, June, Denise and Dorothy

For around 20 years the St Lukes Anglican Parish have been knitting teddy bears for the community. Organisations such as Samaritans Purse, SA Ambulance and SMG Pastoral Care Workers in local schools have used the teddies when a child needs some extra comfort during times of grief, loss, separation, family breakdown, anxiety as well in school sick rooms - when a child is feeling miserable, they have something to hold on to. The group also knit balls with a textured centre which suit children with Autism and others who don’t want a teddy.

The ladies use the skills of knitting that they have because they want to show their love for children.

“It’s a gift of love, the children receiving them are going to cuddle them.  When you cuddle that toy you can feel God’s love going through you and the love of the person who knitted it” said Denise.

Fiona Vanderlinden, an SMG PCW from a nearby school says “Over the past few years we have had some junior school students dealing with some challenging events and issues in their lives. I had noticed that when we (staff) sit and talk and comfort these students we are so restricted in physical contact. I was very keen to receive the teddies so students would have something to hug. I distributed the teddies among staff to use or give away when needed. The staff loved the idea and the teddies help to gently start conversations and comfort the student at the same time. I am so grateful to the lovely ladies who make these teddies, I wish they could see the students faces when they receive one.”

St Lukes Parish have made hundreds of teddies over the years for SMG PCWs to use in the local schools. If you would like to support your local Pastoral Care Worker please contact SMG.

Kerryn Coombs