This year it is my privilege to join the SMG family. I am getting to know many of you for the first time, while some of you are old friends. I am excited and blessed to be here, and am really looking forward to helping SMG engage young people and school communities discovering purpose, value and hope.

In the book of Acts we read (8:26-40) an exciting story where the disciple Phillip experiences a miraculous encounter with an Ethiopian official. This story is remarkable for many reasons, but not least is the fact that there are so many miracles in just this one event: an angel speaks to him, the important royal official actually asks for explanation and understanding, water is supplied for a baptism, Phillip knew just what to say and Phillip was divinely relocated, to mention just a few. 

This story reminds me that God can do the most amazing things in the most unusual way and at the most unexpected time. And this is my prayer every day for all of us here at SMG: that the Lord will miraculously work in our lives in the same way - to guide us to the right people, to provide the resources we need, to help us understand just what they want and to give us the right words to say at just the right time.

It is with gratefulness that we farewell Angela Jolly after nearly 17 years of hard work and dedication. Her love for School Ministry and her passion were evident in all that she did. Please join me in praying that she finds the same joy and satisfaction in her future endeavours.

Michael Chant, CEO

Kerryn Coombs