School Chaplaincy

SMG Chaplains make a huge difference in their school communities every day. Here’s what two students and a principal had to say

Recently I had some really bad troubles socially and it was really affecting me. And once I started talking to Hannah it really helped me. She talked the issues over with me, gave me some strategies to defuse problems and she was there when I needed to vent and constantly checked on me to make sure that I was working through the issues. She also communicated with my parents about what was going on which helped too, because she could share information about how I was going and work together to help me.

I think if Hannah wasn’t there and didn’t see that I needed someone when she did I think that I wouldn’t be any better and definitely be worse mentally and physically. She’s one of the sweetest and amazing people I’ve ever met and cares about the things she does for the people she helps.
— Bek*, High School Student

Thank you again for organising that Teacher’s day presentation today. It was just what I needed after a hectic, challenging day. You are invaluable to our site!
— John*, Primary Principal

Thank you for all the time, effort and encouragement that you not only made yourself but shared with the students, Thank you for everything you have done for this school. You make school so much more fun and we all enjoy you being around.

Your thoughtfulness is a gift I am sure everyone treasures. Sometimes the simple things that you do around the school, helps and means the most.

It feels like every day you come into this school with a smile on your face and you’re ready for what the day brings, and that’s what we like in a teacher, that’s what makes you amazing.

You taught us to think with a clear mind and accept and take challenges and risks, I’m sure all of us have found some sort of self confidence and power to take those risks with a smile on our face and to get through them in the best way and it is all because of you! Although you are not a subject teacher, you still make a difference in our education and lives and it is very much appreciated.

We absolutely adore the effort you have put into camps and how fun you have made them, it seems like you take absolutely every second out of your time to think about them, you are a very hardworking guy and we all wonder how you do it in the time you have. Keep it up, you are doing an awesome job and I feel like you will do so much (for) kids and adults in the future if you keep going and succeed, which is very likely for a person like you!
— Jackson*, Area School Student

Your gift to SMG School Chaplaincy services provides purpose, value and hope to children and young people across SA.

*names have been changed to protect privacy