SMG is pleased to announce a new video is available for Churches and Groups to view, which highlights the impact that the combined Christian community is having in local schools.

You will hear from Principals about the importance of a Chaplaincy Service.  You will also hear from school Chaplains about the pastoral and practical support they provide, as well as from a student who has been significantly impacted by the support provided by his Chaplain.

Click on the links below to access either the 4 minute or 8 minute version for your service or group.

SMG Chaplaincy Services – Churches Edition (4 Minute version)

SMG Chaplaincy Services – Churches Extended Edition (8 Minute version)

SMG on being a neighbour to schools (2.5 min)

Communities supporting Communities

The local church has the open opportunity to support staff, students and their families at their local schools through a Chaplaincy service.

Schools want to keep this valued program long into the future.

SMG works together with combined church groups across SA who are representative of local churches, to provide support and resource to them, as they endeavour to support young people and their local school communities.

These ‘Support Groups’ work on behalf of the local Christian Community to support their local schools, they may be a local Interchurch Council, Ministers Fraternal, or a group which has formed for this specific purpose.

Support Groups have developed strong, respectful relationships with schools in their local area, and provide opportunities for local churches to work in partnership with local schools to bring purpose hope and value to a young generation.

What can the Combined Church Support Group do for you and your church community?

Keep you updated with resources and info from SMG
Keep you connected with and informed about Chaplaincy Services in your area
Include your church in the positive representation of local Christian Community to local schools

To find out about the ‘Support Group’ in your local area please contact SMG.


How to support your Pastoral Care Worker (PCW)

Get to know your PCW, they are in the local schools on behalf of your church… the more support they receive, the more effective their role can be!!

Connecting with the PCW in the local schools, gives you an opportunity to develop relationships with and support the entire school community.

For ideas of specific ways to support your local PCWs please contact SMG.


How to support your local school

Schools love to have support from people and organisations in their local community.

If there is a PCW in your local school, you already have a way to connect with, offer support and minister to local families.
If there is not a PCW in your local school, there are still ways you can provide support.

For ideas of specific ways to support your local school please contact SMG.


Are you interested in becoming a Pastoral Care Worker in a Government School? 

Expressions of interest can be registered by clicking the link below.

Are you interested in knowing more about or are you considering applying for the role of a Pastoral Care Worker?

The next information session is scheduled for 7.30pm Thursday May 23, 2019