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Easter 2015: WOAH!

seminar outline: WOAH!

Has a story ever left you speechless? Sent your imagination running wild, unable to process the magnitude of the epic events; when all that’s left to say is “WOAH!”. 

Something moves us when we hear a story of one person overcoming the odds. When everything was against them, they seemingly had no chance and no hope. But somehow, they triumphed. Something inside us leaps when we hear extreme stories of the human spirit; maybe all we can muster is an amazed, ‘WOAH!' 

 Have you ever spent time thinking about the universe? Scientists are generally agreed that the universe has something near 100 billion galaxies. Each of those galaxies has around 100 billion suns, with each of those suns having an estimated 100 billion stars. Scientists are now estimating that our galaxy alone has an estimated 100 billion black holes.* The size and magnitude of the universe … there is not much else to say except, WOAH!

 Through this Easter presentation we look at the capacity of the human spirit, the mystery of nature, and the magnitude of the universe. We embrace a stance of awe and mystery at all that surrounds us in the world we live in. 

Through WOAH! we retell the story of Jesus, exploring sayings like, 'Love your enemies' and the well known, 'Treat others the way you would like to be treated’. Words that roll off the tongue, but when applied can leave people thinking, ‘WOAH!’. We aim to bring insight to why so many people view Jesus' life as important, and see Easter as a special event to celebrate. 

 WOAH! is a contemporary primary school seminar, engaging with media, storytelling and interactive activities to convey our message.

This presentation is ideally presented to students split into similar age groups, allowing content to be age appropriate. To book a seminar contact Matt at SMG on (08) 8378 6800 or email 

*Taken from Everything is Spiritual by Rob Bell