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What makes the difference?

Have you ever wondered, what it takes to make a difference in a person’s life…an impact so great, that it ripples through more than one life, and creates hope for many?

The difference lies in the small and consistent contributions of generosity, kindness, and belief that make the biggest impacts.

That is the whole purpose of the SMG Pastoral Care Worker: To give children in their school communities generosity, kindness, and belief that reaches past the superficial smiles and reveals truth.

Truth that each child has a purpose for belonging, a value greater than they understand, and a hope that “no matter what” someone will always believe in them.
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Student Support Unlike Any Other

Because of the unique position the Pastoral Care Worker had within the school, each day they are able to step outside the school gates and provide additional hands-on support to children, their families and the wider school community

They build bridges to community support networks and provide consistent pastoral care, as required, to enable the more vulnerable and wider school community to flourish and thrive!

You can help school communities who are yet to have access to this invaluable resource. You can make the difference!

Provide your Gift of Gratitude today!

By donating to SMG today, you are empowering and equipping the generations of tomorrow. And with four different programs to choose from, you can decide how your donation is used. No matter how you wish to donate your Gift of Gratitude this Christmas, we can guarantee that it will always bring a message of Purpose, Value and Hope to children across South Australia.