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City of Onkaparinga Grants helping school Chaplaincy in Aberfoyle Park

Kerryn Coombs

Claire Henning from the Aberfoyle Park Schools Ministry Network attended an award ceremony recently to accept three grant cheques from the City of Onkaparinga Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg. Claire had recently applied for funding for some programs run by school Chaplains that would greatly benefit children and families in the region.   

Claire Henning and City of Onkaparinga Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg

Claire Henning and City of Onkaparinga Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg

As a result of the grant funding, the Chaplain and Volunteers at Craigburn Primary School will be running a lunchtime program by creating a space and place for children to have the opportunity to learn and explore with arts and crafts. Holly Goder, Chaplain at Braeview Primary will be organising a parenting workshop to help resource parents and caregivers. Di Brinkworth, Chaplain at Aberfoyle Hub R-7 Primary School will be organising some healthy living packswhich will provide families with information and useful resources to help them be healthy and stay healthy.

Children and families willbe positively impacted through these newly funded programs, and through the pastoral care provided by the school Chaplain