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12 Angus Ave
Edwardstown, SA, 5039

(08) 8378 6800


Hope Downloaded



Hope Downloaded is a band that was formed by Schools Ministry Group in 2014. Hope Downloaded transfer hope to primary school students across South Australia by engaging, informing and encouraging them with the simple truth: you are important and valuable, and your Life Matters.

The band expresses this message, often intertwined with the Christian story, through storytelling, live music and interaction. The live music element echo's our message, while entertaining and engaging students. The songs are strategically chosen from top hits of today that are fun, vibrant and most importantly hold a positive message for students. 

Hope Downloaded come alongside school communities by providing students with positive role models. The band is made up of young, local musicians who have a passion for music, but more importantly are passionate about building a sense of worth in young people. 



You Can Be...

This presentation is an encouragement, a call to believe in yourself, a powerful reminder that you can be anything you set your mind to. You are filled with great potential. You can be a hero!

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BRAVE - Stand up for yourself, and others!

During Brave students are encouraged to believe they are valuable and important, resulting in the courage to stand up for themselves. When we begin to believe in our own story, we quickly discover the importance of the people around us, and we are called to act, by standing up for others.

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