Pastoral Care Worker In-Service Training 2022

WATCH: How PD will work in 2022
Professional Development in 2022
This form allows you to book into your SMG PD for the year of 2022.  In 2022 Your PD is connected to YOU - not to the school/schools you work at.  All of your PD will be provided by SMG. You no longer need to fill out PD forms. You no longer need to seek approval from you RM to be trained.  We recommend you choose training relevant to your work plan. 

There are some compulsory trainings - make sure you have completed the ones relevant to you: 
  • E-safety needs to be completed in your first year of work 
  • Disaster and Recovery Ministries needs to be completed in your first 3 years of work  
  • The Well-being Classroom needs to be completed in your first 2 years of work for Primary PCWs

Please choose 10 hours worth of PD (You can do more, no less, but SMG will only pay you for 10 hours worth)

The following is a list of the available PD throughout the year:
Please fill in the form below to select your 10 hours of PD
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