Julie Mullins, Chaplain Reynella PS

Julie Mullins, Chaplain Reynella PS

Just What I Needed


“In the early hours of August 6th 2014 my husband and I received a phone call from his brother informing us that their dad had been involved in a car accident on the Eyre Highway.

My father in law had been killed instantly and my mother in law had been air lifted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a serious but stable condition. It’s hard to explain unless you yourself have received a phone call like this, how your world changes in an instant. My mum came in her pyjamas and dressing gown to stay with the kids so we could rush to the hospital. Not surprisingly our daughter woke up and came out to ask what was happening.

I told her that her grandma and grandpa had been in a car accident but lied and said that they were ok but in hospital and that’s why grandma was here to look after her and her brothers who were 5 years and 5 months old.

We got home from the hospital and the kids could see we were upset but again, we didn’t know how or what to tell them. We couldn’t deal with the older two that day, my husband was in no state to make decisions and so I made the decision to send them to school.

We received a phone call from our school’s Pastoral Care Worker, Julie that day saying that my daughter was upset. I explained to Julie what had occurred overnight and that I’d sent the kids to school because I just didn’t know what to do. Julie was amazing and offered to help my husband and I tell the kids that their grandpa had passed away. I cannot express how much of a relief it was to have that help.
We made a time close to the end of the day to meet with the kids and Julie. I’m sure our daughter knew before we even told her, Julie didn’t say anything but she was there and that’s all we needed.

The ongoing support we received was again amazing from the phone calls to check up on my husband and I to the offer of meals and keeping an eye on the kids at school.  Julie helped the kids make memory boxes of their grandpa and I think that was a very useful exercise for the kids to make their way through the grief process.

I am eternally grateful for Julie’s support, guidance and knowledge through that time because as I have mentioned, I had no idea what to do that morning and although she didn’t say anything in that meeting, she was just there….and that’s just what I needed.”

Letter From Kim Mangelsdorf, Parent - Reynella PS

"A staff member came into my office to tell me an ultrasound had revealed a mass on her liver. She said “Can you do that thing that you do?”

Pray? “Yes”

I was given permission to put her on the church prayer chain. She had more tests, bloods were elevated and a specialist all pointed towards a cancer diagnosis. She had an MRI and her GP told her the mass was benign."

Julie Mullins, Chaplain - Reynella PS