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Newsletter Edition 1 2016

SMG Quarterly Newsletter Edition 1 2016


Kerryn Coombs


Scott Sabatini, father of Hunter, aged 5, from Keller Road Primary School, is amazed at the changes he has seen in his son and his own emotional responses, with the skills learnt through the Wellbeing Classroom.

"Being able to see him reading and learning how to express his feelings better than I have, especially over the last few years dealing with the cancer side of things and seeing how he is managing to do it actually shows me that there’s so much more I can be learning and so much more I can be doing to not only help myself with all my emotions but helping him growing up and seeing our emotions. His progress in such a short span doing this program, it’s really amazing to see him growing up."
“Hunter was easily distracted, easily led by other students, would respond to situations physically rather than using his words.” says teacher Kate Easther, “Hunter is now a completely different student. He’s just so much more, he’s happier, enthusiastic, he loves being at school. He’s changed throughout the process of doing the Wellbeing Classroom.” 

Your gift to this initiative will provide life changing tools and resources for children to build life and social skills.

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Kerryn Coombs


"Silvie is the ‘centre point’ and ‘reference centre’ for the well-being of our children, staff and families. She is consistent in her calm manner and confidentiality. This year has seen a marked improvement in the self management of children and staff when they have faced challenges. Our withdrawal room has rarely been used, as children are able to work through their emotive responses quickly and thoughtfully; to return to a situation happy and confident. Silvie’s work with children in our Primary classroom is the main reason this has changed. Silvie’s presence is welcome, invited or initiated by her,  in all areas of our school community."  
Deb Pagsanjan, Principal

The work Silvie does in her school is one example of the impact Chaplains are making in their school communities. Your continued prayer and financial support of School Chaplaincy is vital in Andamooka and across the whole state. 

To indicate you would like to donate to Chaplaincy type Chaplaincy into the Reference Number field.

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Kerryn Coombs

Over 400 people attended the 25 Year Celebration Service which included a retelling of the formation and impact of Chaplaincy and School Seminars, worship and item by Sacred Stone and Pastor Bill Vasilakis, representing the Leaders of Christian Churches, praying for and commissioning the Chaplains, Volunteers and Schools Ministry Group staff. 

The audience was captivated by Willunga Primary School Principal Mick Underwood as he shared about the increasing number of students coming to school with a range of social and emotional issues.  “Our Chaplain Sue is a wonderful support for those children who find life a struggle. She organised a ‘Master Chef’ activity giving students an opportunity to shine.  Over the last 8 years we have experienced the unexpected death of 7 parents.  Sue’s role was and is vital in supporting those families during the most difficult of times.”  Mr Underwood concluded saying “every school needs a Chaplain!”

Thank you to everyone who attended and to those who sent us messages of support and encouragement.  To see more of the evening go to

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Kerryn Coombs


There are significant dates in our lives and in our worlds history that if asked we could tell you where we were or how we felt and maybe even what we were wearing!

The 8th of February 2016 will be one of those dates for me. What an incredible blessing to see the community come out to celebrate and recognise the impact of the churches working together in SA to form and support the work of Schools Ministry Group over the last 25 years.

It has been said that the older you get the more nostalgic you get – I must be getting old!  It has been so life giving reading through old annual reports and catching up with the founders of SMG, hearing the stories and memories of how SMG was formed.

What is stored in your memory bank? What significant things or events fill your mind when you take the time to remember & reflect? If I asked you to remember what school was like for you – what comes to mind? Was school fun, full of great experiences and friends or was it lonely, were you bullied and did you struggle to fit in?

School is a life defining time for us, it has a huge impact on shaping our character, beliefs and values. SMG was formed with a belief that everyone is created for a purpose and are infinitely important to God. 

As the Christian community we are called to love others and do something. At SMG we want every school student to have holistic support, connecting with positive role models. We want all students and their school communities to discover purpose, value and hope.

Angela Jolly, Executive Director

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