Over 400 people attended the 25 Year Celebration Service which included a retelling of the formation and impact of Chaplaincy and School Seminars, worship and item by Sacred Stone and Pastor Bill Vasilakis, representing the Leaders of Christian Churches, praying for and commissioning the Chaplains, Volunteers and Schools Ministry Group staff. 

The audience was captivated by Willunga Primary School Principal Mick Underwood as he shared about the increasing number of students coming to school with a range of social and emotional issues.  “Our Chaplain Sue is a wonderful support for those children who find life a struggle. She organised a ‘Master Chef’ activity giving students an opportunity to shine.  Over the last 8 years we have experienced the unexpected death of 7 parents.  Sue’s role was and is vital in supporting those families during the most difficult of times.”  Mr Underwood concluded saying “every school needs a Chaplain!”

Thank you to everyone who attended and to those who sent us messages of support and encouragement.  To see more of the evening go to smg.asn.au/celebration-photos

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