"Silvie is the ‘centre point’ and ‘reference centre’ for the well-being of our children, staff and families. She is consistent in her calm manner and confidentiality. This year has seen a marked improvement in the self management of children and staff when they have faced challenges. Our withdrawal room has rarely been used, as children are able to work through their emotive responses quickly and thoughtfully; to return to a situation happy and confident. Silvie’s work with children in our Primary classroom is the main reason this has changed. Silvie’s presence is welcome, invited or initiated by her,  in all areas of our school community."  
Deb Pagsanjan, Principal

The work Silvie does in her school is one example of the impact Chaplains are making in their school communities. Your continued prayer and financial support of School Chaplaincy is vital in Andamooka and across the whole state. 

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