Scott Sabatini, father of Hunter, aged 5, from Keller Road Primary School, is amazed at the changes he has seen in his son and his own emotional responses, with the skills learnt through the Wellbeing Classroom.

"Being able to see him reading and learning how to express his feelings better than I have, especially over the last few years dealing with the cancer side of things and seeing how he is managing to do it actually shows me that there’s so much more I can be learning and so much more I can be doing to not only help myself with all my emotions but helping him growing up and seeing our emotions. His progress in such a short span doing this program, it’s really amazing to see him growing up."
“Hunter was easily distracted, easily led by other students, would respond to situations physically rather than using his words.” says teacher Kate Easther, “Hunter is now a completely different student. He’s just so much more, he’s happier, enthusiastic, he loves being at school. He’s changed throughout the process of doing the Wellbeing Classroom.” 

Your gift to this initiative will provide life changing tools and resources for children to build life and social skills.

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