There are significant dates in our lives and in our worlds history that if asked we could tell you where we were or how we felt and maybe even what we were wearing!

The 8th of February 2016 will be one of those dates for me. What an incredible blessing to see the community come out to celebrate and recognise the impact of the churches working together in SA to form and support the work of Schools Ministry Group over the last 25 years.

It has been said that the older you get the more nostalgic you get – I must be getting old!  It has been so life giving reading through old annual reports and catching up with the founders of SMG, hearing the stories and memories of how SMG was formed.

What is stored in your memory bank? What significant things or events fill your mind when you take the time to remember & reflect? If I asked you to remember what school was like for you – what comes to mind? Was school fun, full of great experiences and friends or was it lonely, were you bullied and did you struggle to fit in?

School is a life defining time for us, it has a huge impact on shaping our character, beliefs and values. SMG was formed with a belief that everyone is created for a purpose and are infinitely important to God. 

As the Christian community we are called to love others and do something. At SMG we want every school student to have holistic support, connecting with positive role models. We want all students and their school communities to discover purpose, value and hope.

Angela Jolly, Executive Director

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