From Fight and Flight to Community Contributor

Justin* was known for his volatile emotional outbursts. Significant family disruption in his world would regularly overflow into the classroom. One moment he would be okay, the next a table had been flipped over and Justin was out in the yard. His teacher, Heidi Stokes says 

Justin was an unpredictable student who had next to no resilience or persistence, which resulted in him responding to situations in extreme emotional and physical ways. Often the fight or flight response kicked in. But Justin has come a really long way and I can see some significant changes in how he responds to situations. He has used the calm down breath many times now which shows his level of understanding from the lessons and activities we do as part of the Wellbeing Classroom. I would definitely recommend this program.

Justin’s way of dealing with emotion and social situations has changed so much he was recently awarded a Community Spirit Award for his caring attitude and willingness to help others by the Port Augusta Community Church. Your gift to this initiative will provide life changing tools and resources for children to build life and social skills.  *name has been changed to protect the student’s identity

Kerryn Coombs