What’s in a name?

Angela Jolly, Executive Director

Angela Jolly, Executive Director

We all have a name, some of us love ours, and others may respond by “what were the parents thinking?” Some parents agonise over what to call their child during the pregnancy and some children are not named until sometime after their birth. If you talk to any teacher in school today they will speak of the variety and spelling of their students names.  

Your name identifies you, it might send a message as to the era you were born, maybe your nationality, religion or cultural background. Some names carry instant recognition or notoriety like Einstein, Elvis, Bono, Hitler, and of course Jesus. We recognise products and brands by their name. We often purchase a product based on the name and reputation that it carries, for example Apple, Coke, Nike or Mazda. Your name carries meaning and in many cases value and influence.

I am proud of the SMG name; we have worked hard to establish a positive presence and reputation across school and church communities. I love that we were birthed out of the United Christian Forum which was incorporated in 1985 and renamed Schools Ministry Group in July 1991 – so we could be celebrating our 31st birthday this year! Our name stands for unity and partnership.

As you read about the formation of SMG in the insert Part 2 of the SMG journey, I want to say thank you to the courageous and innovative members of the Christian community. I want to honour the founders for their vision and unification of the church here in SA. And I want to say thank you to you – the supporter today as together, we continue the united work of SMG.

Kerryn Coombs