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Newsletter Edition 4 2016


Kerryn Coombs

SMG School Chaplains recently attended a training session at the SMG Head Office by Disaster and Recovery Ministries to help them be resourced and better equipped to support their school communities during times of disaster. The Chaplains play an important role in their community during bushfires or floods providing much needed pastoral and practical support.

Other sessions will be held over the coming months to train Chaplains in regional areas. At the completion of the 2016 metro and rural training sessions around 120 Chaplains will be ready to help in their local community. 


Kerryn Coombs

SMG wouldn’t be able to get its newsletter out if it weren’t for the faithfulness of some wonderful people. Some have been volunteering for 15 years. 

Some of our amazing volunteers with the Roadies

Some of our amazing volunteers with the Roadies

In honour of the hard work they have done the 1079 Life Roadies joined us for morning tea bringing Kytons Bakery lamingtons and presenting the volunteers with the Heart for Adelaide Award to say thank you. 


Kerryn Coombs

Looking Back and Moving Forward

As 2016 comes to a close we will reflect on what the year has held, what was achieved and how well did we do it; did it make a difference? 2016 has been an exceptional year for SMG and our partners. What a year of celebrations we have had, including the Celebration Service in February, the “Back to School” Reunion in July, Schools Ministry week and a display in the DECD foyer gallery in September/October. We have taken you on a journey from our beginnings to our present. Today I ask you to consider how will you support SMG into the future?

The SMG Journey Part 4 shares some of SMGs strategic plans but what’s foundational are the biblical principles that challenge and encourage us to do something.

I offer you 4 L’s:
LOVE - we are called to love our neighbour in the parable of the Good Samaritan
LIGHT - there is so much darkness in our world; we are the light of the world and we need to shine; to be that positive role model
LOCAL - as Paul went to the market places in his community we need local people in local churches to serve
LONGEVITY – trust and relationships take time

As you read this newsletter these words will be demonstrated in the actions of others and Cathy Miegel exemplifies them all
— Angela Jolly, Executive Director
SMG Ambassador Brenton Ragless; Executive Director Angela Jolly and DECD Chief Executive Rick Persse

SMG Ambassador Brenton Ragless; Executive Director Angela Jolly and DECD Chief Executive Rick Persse


Kerryn Coombs

cathy miegel.jpg

Congratulations to Cathy Miegel who recently received the Premier’s Volunteer Award at the Country Cabinet Meeting. She is the Pastoral Care Worker at Lameroo Regional Community School and has been serving her school community for over 15 years. Cathy was nominated by the Southern Mallee District Council in recognition of her service to the community. 


Schools Ministry Group

Positivity and Approachability 

Nicole adds value in so many ways to Torrensville Primary School. There is always a sense of positiveness, the approachability that Nicole has, the welcoming nature she has at school, parents know that they can approach Nicole, students access her regularly. She brightens up our school. We are very fortunate to have a Pastoral Care Worker. Having the opportunity to have someone like Nicole as an additional resource in the school, makes an incredible difference.
John McCade, Principal Torrensville Primary

John McCade, Principal Torrensville Primary

Nicole with PALS Program Students

Nicole with PALS Program Students

Nicole’s role as a member of the Wellbeing Committee is to make sure that we achieve the priorities of our site improvement plan. Nicole is taking on specific responsibility around the lunchtime activities including the PALS program. The PALS program is that some of our middle school students have decided that they would like to support the early years children at school at lunch time, to learn to play appropriately in the yard. So Nicole has run a training program for the students so that they have the skills to be able to run that lunchtime program and then goes out and assists with the supervision of the students playing the games at lunchtime. It has been really effective and making a difference there.

The Governing Council said Nicole is an inspirational positive role model for our entire community.
— John McCade, Principal, Torrensville Primary School

Your donation towards Chaplaincy Services will provide positive Christian role models for children, staff and entire school communities.


Kerryn Coombs

Last year PCW Merry and Junior Primary Teacher Megan attended The Wellbeing Classroom Conference, and brought back to Port Wakefield PS all they had learnt, which included the use of Kimochis® – toys with feelings inside. Through the use of the plush characters and feelings pillows, students have increased their vocabulary and their capacity to verbalise their emotions.

Jenny Gordon, Principal Pt Wakefield Primary School

Jenny Gordon, Principal Pt Wakefield Primary School

When they came back, the Kimochis® took off with a great big bang with the children in the Junior Primary class. The Kimochis® toys were number one on their list for Christmas and birthdays! We have had requests from parents to say we would really like to know more of the history and research behind The Wellbeing Classroom and Kimochis®. We are hoping to have Michael come out and do a workshop with the families and parents which we think will go down really well, they will love it.
— Jenny Gordon, Principal, Pt Wakefield Primary School
Merry with Students learning about how to correctly display their emotions

Merry with Students learning about how to correctly display their emotions

The Wellbeing Classroom and Kimochis® has made such an impact on the wellbeing of students and families that all teachers will be trained through these programs over the next two years. Your support of SMG Community Services is needed to continue to provide tools and resources to PCWs and school communities to improve the wellbeing of children.



Kerryn Coombs

What is the story behind Christmas? What forms our choices to give gifts, show kindness and offer a helping hand to those who need it? It’s love. The Beatles sang about it, Hollywood never stops talking about it, people are continually searching for it and Christmas can give us a glimpse of what it looks like.

When you talk about Christmas with children and young people many write lists of the presents they want and dream about what they may get on Christmas morning.  

This year the SMG Life Matters Team will be offering Christmas seminars to schools that asks the question – How can we look deeper this Christmas? How can we see what is behind it all?

Students will be encouraged to think beyond themselves.  They will explore the moment in history when a woman gave birth to a son. This wasn’t just any child; his name was Jesus. This moment in the Christian story describes a display of love – this child was a gift from God to the entire world. 

The seminar will provide an opportunity for students to explore the Christmas story, and with a greater understanding of love they will go away with practical examples of how they can show love and kindness, and bring joy to those around them. Love is what’s behind generosity, kindness, joy and Christmas.

Your generous gift is urgently needed to enable the Life Matters team to share the Christmas story in schools across the state over the coming weeks.