Personally Speaking - Edition 2 2019

Schools Ministry Group is in a privileged position. It provides Pastoral Care Workers and other content to schools right across the state: Primary schools.  Secondary schools. Area schools. Special schools.  Schools in large communities. Schools in small communities. City schools. Country schools.  State schools. Private schools. In fact, just about every type of school you can imagine. 

This is a privilege because so many schools today are central to their community:  They are where people get to know their neighbours. Mothers meet other mothers living life the same way. Fathers make friends with other fathers. Children are exposed to brand new ideas and new thoughts. Whole families live life with other families.

SMG workers, presenters and performers are involved in all of this. Reading through this newsletter gives some sense of that: Young men teaching boys about the issues of manhood. A PCW celebrating 20 years of school life and activities. Presentations training Primary School PCWs to help children understand their emotions and there is so much more.

This continues to be supported by the Federal Government through the National School Chaplaincy Program, for which we are so grateful. However, the funding is not enough to meet all the needs. For that, we need your support: Encouraging the PCWs.  Funding additional hours for PCWs to work in schools. Covering the costs of seminars and performances. Training and development for all those involved in schools. Complying with government rules and expectations.

Can you help? If so, will you partner with us to continue to provide young people with purpose, value and hope? Please donate online or through the post today.

Thank you so very very much

Michael Chant, CEO