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When joy wells up within us, it can’t help but spread, it ignites a sense of wonder in all who encounter it. With joy comes hope, peace and fun! In our 2019 Christmas presentation we discover the joy that Jesus’ birth ignited in the world, and explore how we too, can create change and bring beauty with our expressions of joy.  The Christmas Season is November 11 - December 13 and the Life Matters team are taking bookings NOW!

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Prior to moving to Mount Gambier, Rohan Battersby spent 16 years as a Paramedic in Adelaide. “I was regularly expected to perform in difficult and complex situations…..I can honestly say that my role as a Chaplain has made me draw on every personal and professional resource I possess. I have discovered this requirement is not peculiar to my school.

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Personally Speaking - Edition 2 2019

Schools Ministry Group is in a privileged position. It provides Pastoral Care Workers and other content to schools right across the state: Primary schools.  Secondary schools. Area schools. Special schools.  Schools in large communities. Schools in small communities. City schools. Country schools.  State schools. Private schools. In fact, just about every type of school you can imagine. 

This is a privilege because so many schools today are central to their community:  They are where people get to know their neighbours. Mothers meet other mothers living life the same way. Fathers make friends with other fathers. Children are exposed to brand new ideas and new thoughts. Whole families live life with other families….

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