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Chaplaincy Services in South Australia over time has continued to grow in numbers, but more importantly in depth and value it has provided.

By verbalising six dimensions of school chaplaincy over the last few years, we have a better common understanding of what this service contributes to school communities. They are: Role modelling and mentoring, Social and emotional support, Spiritual support, School engagement, Community engagement, and Extra-curricular contribution.

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In Term 2, Hope Downloaded joined forces with Wellbeing Services to create a dynamic live music show featuring Huggtopus! The show had a successful pilot run in 3 western suburbs primary schools, taking the story of Huggs to students in special classrooms.

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2O years. It sounds like such a long time but looking back, goes so quickly. In 20 years we’ve seen a lot of changes, but it’s surprising how much remains the same. I have recently celebrated 20 years as Chaplain at our local school and I hope that I have been able to be a positive presence for our school community over that time…..

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Personally Speaking - Edition 2 2019

Schools Ministry Group is in a privileged position. It provides Pastoral Care Workers and other content to schools right across the state: Primary schools.  Secondary schools. Area schools. Special schools.  Schools in large communities. Schools in small communities. City schools. Country schools.  State schools. Private schools. In fact, just about every type of school you can imagine. 

This is a privilege because so many schools today are central to their community:  They are where people get to know their neighbours. Mothers meet other mothers living life the same way. Fathers make friends with other fathers. Children are exposed to brand new ideas and new thoughts. Whole families live life with other families….

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