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What to bring to your next support group meeting

  • Schools Ministry Week:

    STARTING October 21-28 and throughout term 4…

    This year the primary objective is to Tell People in Churches Why School Chaplaincy is Important.

    To accomplish this we want to continue this throughout Term 4.

    There are people in churches who still don’t know what school chaplaincy is about and why it is important, or that chaplains represent them in school communities. So we all (SMG head office staff as well) will be looking for opportunities to talk or speak in churches or to groups.

    ·        Share about School Chaplaincy with your own church. Here’s a 2.5 min short video message from Peter at SMG on being a neighbour to schools and a Powerpoint slide for your church service to help.

    ·        Please open your church or group up to a visit by a PCW (chaplain) or Regional Manager or SMG Leadership, and/or

    ·        use the SMG promotional videos downloadable/playable from this website


    And besides the above, to do what you and your supporting churches do well, just Love People & Do Stuff for schools.

    Simple practical acts of service and care for school communities from the combined Christian community.

    A morning tea for staff when it really matters in term 4 (what about Teachers Day Friday October 26), or something to encourage year 12’s in their exam period, or year 7’s as they transition, etc.

  • Re NSCP for 2019 and onwards. The funding for next year and beyond continues to make its way slowly forward toward the states and then to schools. We are tracking its progress and will keep you informed as we have more and more clarity about its distribution to schools and what that will mean for 2019 and beyond.

  • SMG Regional Managers together with Angela Jolly our Executive Director and Peter Skurray our Chaplaincy Services Manager will be calling or visiting one of you as a representative of your Support Group, in August and September, (and we’ll continue till we’ve spoken to you all) to ask you some strategic questions in order to truly understand what you need in the renewed partnership with SMG into 2019 and beyond. The collated results of these interviews, will inform the formation of the Ministry Memorandum 2019- 2022. Some of the questions we're asking are: 

    1)     How important is school chaplaincy to you personally? To your church/support group?

    2)     Specifically, what about it, is important?

    3)     What does your Support Group do really well?

    4)     What are your biggest challenges as a Support Group?

          5)     If any of your schools lost NSCP funding next year, what do you predict would be your Group’s response?

          6)     Financially speaking from your SGs experience: Please comment on the current Chaplaincy program cost structures and their affordability for your        group.

          7)     What’s working well in your Support Group's relationship with SMG?

          8)     How can SMG support your Support Group/Church into the future?

          9)      Do you have any thoughts or ideas towards engaging/involving churches that are currently not working with your Support Group in schools ministry?

          10) Anything else you want to communicate to SMG leadership or suggest for inclusion in the next Ministry Memorandum?

  • Have you informed or invited your Regional Manager to attend your meeting? They can bring extra detail and answers to your questions.

  • We in the process of drafting a Ministry Memorandum for 2019 right now - we’ll advise you very soon of the changes based on your feedback and conversations last term.

  • Have you read the SMG 2017 Annual Report? Posted to your Support Group, and also available to you online on this website at www.smg.asn/about  It's an encouraging read and lots of pics :)


Recent Past Notes you may have missed:

  • Tell your other Support Group members about this page for continually updated and one stop info for church leaders and bookmark it for easy return.

  • PURPOSE BUILT UTE AVAILABLE FOR BBQs Paradise Motors Mazda have recently fitted out one of their Mazda BT-50 utes as a mobile BBQ station, and would like to offer the use of the ute to all SMG Support Groups. The ute has a purpose built BBQ, eskies and gas connection, and is set up ready to sizzle those sausages! You can use this as part of your fundraising efforts for SMG chaplaincy, or if you are supporting an activity for your Pastoral Care Workers, Paradise Motors Mazda will loan the ute to you. (Please note that this cannot be used for other organisation fundraising, or school fundraising if the proceeds are not benefiting your school chaplains). Please connect with Brian Earl at SMG 83786833 if you would like to use this fantastic BBQ ute. You will need to provide her with the date of your event, your anticipated pick up day/time, and drop off day/time, and the name and contact details of the person collecting and being responsible for the ute. She will then make all the arrangements with Paradise Motors Mazda for you.

Paradise Ute.png
  • Grant Opportunity for Rural and Regional Communities

    The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal have grants under $5000 available that address areas such as ‘Building Community Resilience’ and ‘Improving Community Health and Social Wellbeing’.  Applications are now being received, and will close at 5pm 26/9/2018.  Click here to find out more information, and if you are eligible to apply.  Assistance with your grant application is available from Brian Earl SMG Business Manager 83786833.

  • Fundraising Idea – Local Council Grant Opportunities

    All local councils have grants available for community groups and not for profit groups providing services within the council boundaries.  Information is usually available on your council website (if you can’t find it type ‘grant’ into the website search engine). Grants can cover services, material items and events. I encourage you to see what type of funding your council makes available – it may be a way you can raise additional funds in support of the Chaplaincy Services in your local schools. If you need some help understanding the grant information, or assistance putting your application together, contact SMG 

  • Fundraising Ideas

    Looking for some fundraising ideas that your Support Group can use to raise funds for your School Chaplains?  You can access 60 different ideas here. You can select one that is listed, or perhaps these ideas have sparked a new event or idea that would work in your community. 

Stories to share


boy repairing bike chaplaincy and refugee story

Kieran Smith, the PCW at Nairne PS has been innovating bicycle repair to build into middle and upper primary school boys lives. His ‘Build a Bike’ bicycle repair program, donates finished bikes to ‘Bikes for Refugees’, received a local grant from the Hahndorf Lions Club – Community 100 program, and won the School Award for school-based projects in the Premiers Awards in late 2017!

The school leadership has been very positive and encouraging of this community engagement project, and it’s more than refugee families that benefit!

These boys benefit from the interest of an adult in their lives and a positive, achievable project to work on together. Students not only learn practical skills in bike maintenance, they also have the opportunity to explore character building as they confront the challenges associated with working on old bikes, and the space to talk about the highs and lows of life.

This initiative is more than bikes, it’s about changing the trajectory of young boys lives! To look beyond themselves to work together, to look beyond the bikes to the needs of others in the community, to look beyond this project to see what else they are capable of and how to make a difference!


Stories from our Newsletters



How do you engage with and connect with students who may not be sporty, have a small group of friends, or feel like they are on the outside? Andrew Kieselbach, PCW at Banksia Park International High School along with teacher Sally Johannes thought they would give a lunchtime trivia quiz a go. Four years on - 100 students and 15 teachers roll up each week during the winter months to test their here for more



When Jenni Forder PCW at Coromandel Valley Primary School was approached by some Year 3 students asking to learn how to knit, she headed straight to the Anglican Church next door to ask the craft group ladies if they could help! here for more



Bryan Sellars, Pastor of Northern Communities of Hope Church in Davoren Park was presented with the SMG Community Innovation Award at the recent SMG Celebrating the Value of Community night. The church provides a regular community lunch, and Bryan wanted to get students from local schools involved to help them learn skills and connect with people in their here for more



Kangaroo Island is unique; it is one of the top four tourism destinations in this country and the third largest Island in Australia. Conrad Tickner is the SMG Pastoral Care Worker at Kangaroo Island Community Education (KICE) which is a multi-campus school made up of three sites on the island at Penneshaw, Parndana and Kingscote. Maxine McSherry, Principal of KICE nominated Conrad for the SMG Innovation Award to recognise the positive impact he is making in the here for more



For over six years, Kerry Crowden has provided a Chaplaincy Service to Meadows and Macclesfield Primary Schools, and more recently to Eastern Fleurieu Ashbourne Campus. “There was one child who had severe separation anxiety each day when his mum dropped him off at school. I thought that sharing an activity together might help so over four weeks we built some tall ships together while he shared his feelings and here for more



SMG had nine School Chaplains in the affected bushfire zone, and one year on those Chaplains continue to provide pastoral and practical support to children and families in their local communities” said Rev. Dr. Lynn Arnold. Tracey Butter, SMG School Chaplain at Tarlee and Hamley Bridge Primary Schools shared what it was like for children and parents during the Pinery here for more


To access the Chaplaincy Services Promo Video Church Edition click here

To access the Chaplaincy Services Promo Video Extended Church Edition click here


Looking for ideas to raise funds to support School Chaplaincy? Click here to download 60 Fundraising Ideas you might like to use

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