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Supporting Chaplaincy Services

SUPPORTING Chaplaincy Services

I believe a school should be seen as part of the community and by not having a Chaplain we are not doing the community a service.
— Karyn Alford, Kilkenny PS Principal

The National School Chaplaincy Program 2015-2018 funding model has seen a significant reduction of hours available to most schools.

Average hours have gone from 14-15 hours in 2012-2014 to 8-9 hours per week under the new program.


It costs between $30 AND $40 an hour to employ a Chaplain


$330 is an extra hour a week for a term $1320 is an extra hour per week for a year

This means more support for young people through pastoral support,

a breakfast club,

or a grief and loss program

in your local school community.


Like the ‘thief in the night,’ it came upon a family at my  primary school. Sisters diagnosed with autism are being confronted by the anticipated death of three grandparents - all with terminal cancers.

I’ve spent significant time with the girls and their mum especially, two sessions a week for around 11 weeks. This involved simply listening and being available for them. We have been working on a plan of action for when the event happens – together with the girls’ therapists and teachers. We are going to prepare journals together as we confront the next few weeks/months, documenting their love for each other so that when they do suffer their impending loss, they can look back at the love that is still there, expressed together.

Tim Wells , Chaplain Thorndon Park PS