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The Upside Down Kingdom

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This year, Schools Ministry Group wants to encourage young people all over South Australia to embrace a sense of humility in their daily lives.

Our 2022 Christmas show is a fun and interactive presentation, packed with storytelling, videos, games and take away activities. It offers an educational perspective on Christianity and the foundational story of Christmas, shared in a non-judgmental and sensitive way, and is created for a diverse audience.

Will you partner with Schools Ministry Group this year so, together, we can bring 100 Christmas presentations to thousands of young people and their School Communities across South Australia. (last year we went to the Eyre and Yorke Peninsula, The Limestone Coast, The Riverland, Mid North and Metro Schools – WHEW!)

The Upside-Down Kingdom
isn’t about money, power, and castles. It’s not about a king making everyone feel bad about themselves and saying they are the best. This kingdom is not about seeing how important we can be. It’s about seeing the positive difference we can make in the lives of others - in our homes, schools, sports clubs etc. This kingdom recognises all of us have different strengths.

We’re all good at something. We all have a part to play. We all make mistakes, and we may need to say sorry. It’s about humility. Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking about yourself less - knowing who you are and how you can use your strengths and talent to help others. We are all equally important and valuable in the kingdom!

As part of the Christmas Story, the Life Matters team delve into topics such as: positive impact, positive mental health, and the character strength of humility.

We are seeking 100 gifts of $450, or,
10 Gifts of $4,500
20 Gifts of $2,250
200 gifts of $225

or... Why not become a partner and register with us to fundraise for your school community!
$45,000 is all it takes to bring 100 Christmas presentations to South Australian Schools

Take the opportunity now! Use what you have to help your local school community and students across South Australia hear the Christmas Story – an Upside Down Kingdom that shows we are all equally important and valuable!

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