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SMG, with your help, is seeking to raise $110,000, enabling 22 South Australian schools and their communities to access much needed chaplaincy, wellbeing and support services in 2022.

Schools all over South Australia face a daunting task - to balance the needs of children’s educational learning and their social and emotional wellbeing.

That’s where our Pastoral Care Workers come into their own. SMG works with schools, by sharing the load and improving the wellbeing of students, teachers, parents, and their communities.

The needs of children in our own home state are often greatly underestimated, with staggering statistics that go well under the radar.
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Every week:
  • SMG Pastoral Care Workers have over seven thousand conversations with school students and parents about issues of Friendship, Mental Illness, Bullying Behaviour, and Family Breakdown
  • One in every seven conversations school pastoral care workers have, are about COVID-19 related fears and concerns
  • There are more than two hundred situations of school yard bullying that SMG Pastoral Care Workers support children with
  • About one in two students struggle with feelings of belonging at school. That’s over one hundred thirty-six thousand students across South Australia

The truth is, most of us don’t realise that today’s school children (Generation Alpha) will represent 11% of the workforce in just ten years! And they will be working in positions that don’t even exist yet!

So, if we want our future leaders, history makers and world shakers to be the best they can be, it all starts now! While they are at school forming and developing the core values and beliefs that they will carry into their… no, our future!

Help make a lasting and impactful change today, by supporting schools for your tomorrow through our ‘22-in-22’ cause. Raising $110,000 to seed fund 22 new pastoral care and wellbeing programs in 22 new schools, in 2022.

Donate now, and see the change tomorrow.

Want to know more?

Click on the videos below to see how the SMG Chaplaincy service has impacted individuals and school communities.
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If you would like to know more about partnering with SMG to deliver wellbeing and support services to school communities across South Australia, contact Brad Mumford today.