RRHAN-EC mandatory notification training

Schools Ministry Group is an endorsed provider of RRHAN-EC mandatory notification training for the Department for Education.
RRHAN-EC mandatory notification training is compulsory for staff and volunteers on school sites.There are two parts to the training, the RRHAN-EC Fundamentals course and the RRHAN-EC Masterclass. What course you need to complete depends on your role in the school.

If you have already completed the Fundamentals online training on the Plink website and have nominated a date for training with SMG, please click the button below.

RRHAN-EC Fundamentals

This is a short course about mandatory notifications and child protection in education. This course is all most people need.

Suitable for:

Most people in education. This includes:
  • staff with a current certificate who need to update
  • volunteers
  • work experience students
  • people on professional placement
  • bus drivers
  • canteen workers
  • bridging from full day Safe Environments – Through Their Eyes 
  • corporate staff who do not work with children and young people
  • sector office education staff (non-government schools) who do not work with children and young people.

RRHAN-EC Masterclass

This is a workshop about mandatory notifications and child protection in education. It is part 2 of RRHAN-EC training for specific staff. 

Suitable for:

Specific staff who:
  • are new
  • do not have a current RRHAN-EC certificate

These specific staff include:
  • principals and directors
  • teachers
  • school services officers (SSOs)
  • education support officers (ESOs) – non-government schools 
  • early childhood workers (ECWs)
  • groundskeepers
  • swimming and aquatics instructors
  • music instructors
  • pre-service teachers
  • paid trainees and apprentices
  • site administration staff
  • site student support staff
  • hourly paid instructors
  • boarding facilities staff
  • counsellors and chaplaincy workers.

Not sure?

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RRHAN-EC Masterclass with SMG

SMG is an approved provider of the RRHAN-EC training by The Department for Education, Catholic Education South Australia and Association of Independent Schools of South Australia to deliver the RRHAN-EC Training both in face to face and via video conferencing formats. On-site training may be possible by negotiation. Training is available in Adelaide and throughout SA.

To register for an RRHAN-EC Masterclass you must complete the RRHAN-EC
Fundamentals online component via Plink. You will then be able to choose a date for your training.

I've registered - what now?

If you have nominated a date for the Masterclass Training with SMG read the terms and conditions and then complete the form below to finalise and pay.
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