SMG Chaplaincy

School Ministry Group has been providing a Chaplaincy Service to Schools across South Australia since 1991
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SMG Pastoral Care Workers (PCWs) are positive role models who deliver compassionate pastoral and practical support throughout the breadth and length of school community life.

Together with the support and resources of the local combined Christian community, and in a complementary partnership with other wellbeing staff in schools, and, by developing connections with community services and agencies, SMGs PCWs fill the gaps where flexible and consistent care is important.

SMG works closely with the SA Department for Education as a Service Provider for the National Student Wellbeing Program in our SA schools by employing and engaging Pastoral Care Workers.

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If you want to know more about the SMG Student Wellbeing Program, and how we support hundreds of school communities across SA, download our Student Wellbeing Program information here.

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As PCW, Kerry is part of our Wellbeing Team and this is a win/win for staff and students alike. Kerry is incredibly supportive to our Wellbeing Team and not only is she willing to be guided as to where we identify the need, but also is one of those people who seem to be able to recognise how and where she can best assist others.”
L Riley: Student Engagement and Wellbeing Coordinator, Naracoorte High School.
Dianne had a significant impact on student and parent wellbeing last year during the outbreak of COVID-19. She regularly stayed in touch with families. She also picked up essential items and had them on hand for those who needed it.
L Nitschke: Principal, Spalding Primary School 
Our Chaplains (PCWs) play a really important role in our education system supporting the wellbeing of young South Australians from all parts of our great state and in all sorts of different personal circumstances.
John Gardner MP: Previous Minister for Education, Government of South Australia  

When Disaster Strikes

‘When Disaster Strikes’ is a program that aims to be proactive in its support of children, families and communities with a Chaplaincy Service at the time of a disaster or crisis, and in the period following. Disasters and crises can include bushfires, flood, drought, earthquakes and cyclones, death, suicide, medical illness or epidemic, major accidents, industry closure and terrorism.

They are usually unexpected and can be overwhelming. Most people who experience a disaster or crisis may not show outwardly visible signs of injury; however, inwardly there is an emotional toll. 

Partner with SMG so together we can support more families and communities in times of crisis.