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Build Student Wellbeing foundations that last.

Student Wellbeing is more than a seminar or a workshop, it is more than a 'session' or a breathing space to calm and get back to the classroom. It is a culture of fostering and nurturing young minds to build resilience and provide tools that encourage healthy choices for young people to thrive through adversity.

Good foundations and building a culture of purpose, value and hope helps students navigate the twists and turns through their school years and beyond. At SMG, we believe that holistic approach to student wellbeing is the best way to work with the students, families and staff to achieve life-long positive results. Setting strong foundations, grounded in Pastoral Care, enables school communities to build sustainable outcomes for their students over the course of their education.
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Why SMG?

Schools Ministry Group has been offering pastoral care services for over 30 years, and continues to be the preferred student wellbeing provider of choice for over 350 South Australian public schools.

Our student wellbeing programs are tailored to meet the needs of each school, and build strong foundations of wellbeing into the culture of the whole school community through one-to-one pastoral care, group services, and whole of school support.

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one-to-one pastoral care.

Day-to-day, Pastoral Care Workers (PCW) are responsible for supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of all students under the guidance of school leaders and wellbeing staff. This is often delivered during class, break times and extra-curricular activities, to students, parents and staff.

group services.

In addition to SMG Pastoral Care Workers providing student group support, SMGs Wellbeing Education team offer seminars, programs, and workshops, to students and the greater school community whilst aligning with the Australian School Curriculum.

whole of school support.

With a combination of professional development, classroom based coaching, and interactive and engaging learning tools, SMG can build a program to support a thriving culture.

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  • On-site, scalable, Pastoral Care tailored to the schools needs
  • Specialist Pastoral Care for School Principals
  • Values Based Seminars and Workshops
  • Kimochis training and education
  • Trauma informed wellbeing coaching
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