eSafety Professional Learning – 

(compulsory online course)

Course Description

Provides evidence-based, targeted advice on preventing and responding to cyberbullying.

Course Overview

As part of the National Student Wellbeing Program all pastoral care workers are required to complete this online training provided by the eSafety Commissioner.

This program is designed to support student wellbeing and help integrate online safety into student programs.

Building positive and respectful relationships is key to preventing online incidents and this webinar has been designed to support proactive education and prevention. 


2 Hours

Comprehensive Exploration

  • 3 Topics
  • 2 Hours live webinar
  • 1 Online quiz

Topic 1

Online safety conversations with students.

Topic 2

Online issues young people face.

Topic 3

Vulnerability of young people.

The eSafety Commissioner (eSafety)

Key Learning Outcomes 

Learn how to prepare young people with online interactions.

The importance of having daily conversations with young people about online dangers and concerns.

The range of challenges young people may experience.

Meet the instructor

The eSafety Commissioner

The eSafety Commissioner (eSafety) is Australia’s independent regulator for online safety.

We are the world’s first government agency dedicated to keeping people safer online.

We started operations in 2015 as the Children's eSafety Commissioner and we are now at the forefront of the fight against online risks and harms faced by adults as well as children.

We are a fast-growing team of educators, investigators, lawyers, policy analysts, technology experts, digital specialists and other professionals who share one goal – a safer and more positive online experience for all Australians.

Australia's eSafety Commissioner is Julie Inman Grant. Ms Inman Grant has extensive experience in the technology industry, having held senior public policy and safety roles with Microsoft, Twitter and Adobe.