For or Against (Anti-bullying)

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Bullying, Empathy, Relationships, Responsibilities
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It is so important for students to understand bullying; what it is, the reasons why, and a response. However, it is equally important for students to learn fundamental ways to build positive and safe relationships.

During For or Against, we aim to broaden the conversation around bullying to one that includes all people; reminding us that each person has a responsibility to show kindness, respect and inclusion to those around us. We ask the simple question: are you for or against others?

What's included?

  • 1 video lesson
  • Teacher lesson plan (PDF)
  • Student workbook (PDF)
  • Australian Curriculum connections

Australian Curriculum

This workshop incorporates components of the Australian Curriculum, allowing for easy connections in the classroom. 

(Codes: ACPPS004, ACPPS019, ACPPS024, ACPPS037, ACPPS055, ACPPS060, ACPPS074)

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