Kimochis Foundation

(Online Zoom course on 23-May-2024)
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Course Description

Kimochis® are a popular play based social and emotional tool consisting of feeling pillows and cuddly characters with unique personalities.  This tool is a fun way to safely explore feelings, communicate effectively and build positive relationships.

Course Overview

Come along to a fun and interactive training session to learn how to use Kimochis with children to help them explore their feelings and understand the keys to communication. Each of the Kimochis characters has a unique personality with tools to help children understand themselves, interact with others and build social skills. You’ll come away with lots of practical ways to support children to engage in social emotional learning and build positives relationship.


6.5 Hours

Comprehensive Exploration

  • 4 Topics
  • 1 Course Evaluation
  • 1 Certification

Topic 1

Emotion coaching

Topic 2

Communication keys

Topic 3

Practical feeling activities

Topic 4

Kimochis characters (Cloud, Bug, Hugs, Cat, Lovey Dove, Hero)

Lisa Hughes

Angela Niejalke

Key Learning Outcomes 

Understand emotion coaching and how to respond to a child who is experiencing big feelings.

Learn how to introduce and use Kimochis characters.

Learn how to use feeling pillows to support children with their own feelings and communication.

Meet the instructors

Lisa Hughes

Hi, I’m Lisa Hughes and I love helping educators, therapists, pastoral care workers and families to empower children and families to express and manage their feelings using Kimochis. Having worked in primary and high schools, vocational training and community education settings, I enjoy connecting with people through stories, practical activities and group discussion to build our toolbox and encourage one another. 

Angela Niejalke

Hi, I'm Angela Niejalke. I enjoy supporting children, adults and families to navigate the myriad of life's challenges.  I love working with Kimochis to help children (and adults) learn to express their feelings and navigate social situations.

With a background in law, mediation, and counseling, as well as lived experience of disability, I appreciate the multitude of issues that are faced in society and the emotional upheavals that these experiences can bring.  My current employment roles enable me to equip and empower children and families to articulate and navigate life's social and emotional experiences.