Life Matters - Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are available?

Life matters present shows and seminars that cover a range of topics such as:

  • Consent Matters: This seminar is designed to help secondary students develop skills to navigate shared decisions in a way that is consistently fair and respectful. It explores consent in two key areas - Image sharing/image-based abuse as well as the act of willingly agreeing to engage in sexual activity with another person.

  • Hope Downloaded: Hope Downloaded is a band that comes alongside Primary school communities by providing students with positive role models. The band is made up of young, local musicians who have a passion for music, but more importantly are passionate about building a sense of worth in young people. 

  • Love Matters: The average age of first pornographic exposure is getting younger and younger. This seminar is designed to challenge secondary students to grasp the incredibly devastating impact that pornography is having on our world. 

  • Identity Matter: This seminar takes the opportunity to get honest and talk real about body image, worth, and value and consider how our individual perspective plays a role in how we view our identity.

  • Friendship Matters: This seminar encourages young people to reflect on how to be a good friend, how to get along with others, how to fix things when you make a mistake in your friendships and why forgiveness is super important. 

  • Reputation Matters: This seminar addresses concepts such as our digital reputation, online safety, sending nudes and the impact of social media on our mental health. Our message is that your reputation really does matter – both in the physical world and the online world!

  • Transition Matters: The Transition from primary school to high school is one that fills students with excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and even terror. This show addresses troubles surrounding increased workload, new teachers, and new friends. The three major themes are: Change, Challenge, Choice. 

  • Legacy Matters: This show targets year 11-12 students who are going through their final years of high school and aims to equip and inspire them with the mindset and knowledge to help them through stressful times and leave a positive legacy in their community. 

  • Nobility Matters: The world needs men whose actions are fuelled by a confidence in their identity, who understand emotions and have freedom to express their feelings. This show tackles topics such as gender stereotypes, understanding emotions, and the nobility of manhood.

  • Dignity Matters: The world needs women who are empowered to fulfil their potential, and who can use their spark to make an impact. This show inspires young women to grow into strong leaders who serve with passion and creativity. This show tackles topics such as gender stereotypes, mental health, body image, and self-respect.

  • Christmas & Easter: These shows are a creative retelling of the foundation stories of Christmas/Easter, told and delivered in a sensitive and inclusive way. These shows are interactive and are presented with a mixture of live story, games, activities and media.

What are the target demographics for the sessions?

The target demographics for the shows are as follows:

  • Consent Matters: High School Year 7-12 Students (Age 12-18)
  • Hope Downloaded: Primary School Reception-Year 6 Students (Age 5-12)
  • Love Matters: High School Year 7-12 Students (Age 12-18)
  • Identity Matters: High School Year 7-12 Students (Age 12-18)
  • Friendship Matters: Primary School Year 3-6 Students (Age 8-12)
  • Reputation Matters: High School Year 7-12 Students (Age 12-18)
  • Transition Matters: Year 6 Students (Age 11-12)
  • Legacy Matters: High School Year 11-12 Students (Age 16-18)
  • Nobility Matters: Middle School Year 9 -10Boys (Age 14-16)
  • Dignity Matters: Middle School Year 9-10 Girls (Age 14-16)
  • Christmas and Easter Seminars: Primary School Reception-Year 6 Students (Age 5-12)

Do the shows link to ACARA content descriptors?

Yes the Life Matters shows do cover aspects of the Australian Curriculum and are matched to the following Australian Curriculum Content Descriptors:

Transition Matters

Legacy Matters
  • None currently available (ACARA does not have a Health/PD national curriculum for Year 11/12 yet)

Consent Matters

Love Matters

Reputation Matters

Identity Matters

Friendship Matters

Nobility Matters & Dignity Matters

How many people can attend a session?

Seasonal shows (Easter & Christmas) are limited to 250 attendees per show. For shows with more than 250 attendees we recommend booking additional sessions and splitting up the attendees as our shows include interactive stories and activities which are more immersive in smaller groups. 

All other shows vary on the attendee limit depending on the show. Some shows are more effective in a classroom setting with fewer attendees as they are designed for a class sized audience. Other shows can be delivered to a specific year level or a wider audience. 

Please note that the room or setting must be able to safely facilitate all attendees as per the directives set by governing authorities. If you are unsure about your situation feel free to contact us.

What is the level of Christian content?

Seasonal presentations such as Easter and Christmas include the retelling of the biblical story of Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection.

Other sessions do not have any explicit Christian content however the content reflects Christian values. If you would like explicit Christian content included in the session, we can accommodate for that. Please contact us for further discussion.

What are the available dates?

Our show schedule follows the school term dates. Considerations are given to requests on dates outside the school term. Please contact us for negotiations.

What is the duration of the shows?

The shows have differing durations, but can be adjusted to suit your circumstances.

Consent Matters: 90 mins
Hope Downloaded: 45 mins
Love Matters: 90 mins 
Identity Matters: 75 mins
Friendship Matters: 75 mins
Reputation Matters: 90 mins
Transition Matters: 90 mins
Legacy Matters: 90 mins
Nobility Matters: 90 mins
Dignity Matters: 90 mins
Christmas and Easter Seminars: 45 mins

How much time is needed for setup and pack down?

All Life Matters shows takes 60 minutes to setup. We will need access to the building or room where the show takes place 60 minutes before the start time. It takes approximately 30 mins to pack down.

A Hope Downloaded show takes 1h 30mins to set up which includes unpacking our trailer of equipment and setting up the speakers, instruments, and projector. This also includes a sound check and rehearsal. Pack down takes approximately 1 hour.

What type of room is required?

We are flexible with the room we can present in as long as it has access to power and can safely accomodate all attendees. For smaller groups we recommend a classroom setting, for larger groups we recommend a gym, hall, or PAC. 

What equipment is required?

None! We bring our own equipment including speakers and microphones. Depending on the show we will also bring props and equipment for games and activities.

For Hope Downloaded shows, the band bring their own instruments and epuipment including speakers, a sub woofer, and a projector + screen.

If your school or venue already has a projector we may opt to use it instead depending on the circumstances.

How much do the shows cost?

The price for individual shows is as follows:

Consent Matters: From $450
Hope Downloaded: From $600
Love Matters: From $450
Identity Matters: From $450
Friendship Matters: From $450
Reputation Matters: From $450
Transition Matters: From $450
Legacy Matters: From $450
Nobility Matters: From $450
Dignity Matters: From $450
Christmas and Easter Seminars: From $450

What discounts are are available?

There are discounts available if multiple shows are being booked or if a church is paying. These costs are listed below:

Life Matters Presentations:
School Paying 1x session - $450
School Paying 2x sessions - $650
School Paying 3x sessions - $750

Church Paying 1x session - $400
Church Paying 2x session - $575
Church Paying 3x session - $665

Hope Downloaded shows:
School Paying 1x show - $600
School Paying 2x shows - $850
School Paying 3x shows - $990

Church Paying 1x show - $525
Church Paying 2x shows - $790
Church Paying 3x shows - $900

What are the additional costs for travel?

There are not travel costs for schools and venues located in the Adelaide metropolitan area.
Additional travel costs for Life Matters and Hope Downloaded are as follows:

Life Matters: 
  • Total distance traveled 0-100km - No Cost
  • Total distance traveled 100km - 200km - $75
  • Total distance traveled 200km - 300km - $100
  • Total distance traveled >300km - Contact us for a special arrangement

Hope Downloaded:
  • Total distance traveled 0-100km - No Cost
  • Total distance traveled 100km - 200km - $100
  • Total distance traveled 200km - 300km - $200
  • Total distance traveled >300km - Contact us for a special arrangement

For shows with workbooks, does SMG or the school print and prepare them?

We will provide any workbooks required in advance to the main contact as a PDF file with instructions on how it should be printed.

Do the presenters have a valid WWCC/RRHAN-EC?

All our Life Matters presenters and Hope Downloaded band members hold current Working With Children Checks and RRHAN-EC certificates.