student wellbeing in south australia.

Schools Ministry Group has been offering pastoral care services for over 30 years, and continues to be the preferred student wellbeing provider of choice for over 350 South Australian public schools. Under the National Student Wellbeing Program (NSWP) a school may now use their subsidised funding* to include one-to-one pastoral care, group services, and whole of school support.

one-to-one pastoral care.

Day-to-day, Pastoral Care Workers (PCW) are responsible for supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of all students under the guidance of school leaders and wellbeing staff. This is often delivered during class, break times and extra-curricular activities, to students, parents and staff.

SMG also offers each Service Level Agreement (SLA) with unlimited pastoral care in times of Family and Community Crisis and/or Natural Disaster. This is funded through SMGs When Disaster Strikes program.

SMG provides:
On-site, scalable, Pastoral Care tailored to the schools needs
Video Conference, Pastoral Care Service (coming soon in 2023)
Specialist Pastoral Care for School Principals

group services.

In addition to SMG Pastoral Care Workers providing student group support, SMGs Wellbeing Education team offer seminars, programs, and workshops, to students and the greater school community whilst aligning with the Australian School Curriculum.

SMG Provides:
Values Based Seminars and Workshops
Student and Teacher Coaching programs Parent/Caregiver workshops, and programs Kimochis® Shows (coming soon in 2023)

whole school services.

Early Learning - Primary
Wellbeing Playschool: (3hr Training) - An early learning specific training course focusing on social and emotional learning encompassing Play Therapy, Kimochis® and trauma informed practice. Providing the foundational knowledge of how trauma can impact a child’s ability to regulate emotions, behaviour and socialisation.

Kimochis® Foundations: (Full Day Training) - Kimochis® Training provides the foundations of a popular play based social and emotional learning tool consisting of characters with unique personalities. This tool allows for safe exploration of feelings, translation of emotions and social skill building through fun and play. 

Kimochis® Coach: (on-site) - Kimochis® Coaches support young children with social and emotional skill building using the Kimochis® tools while training and coaching staff on how to apply the Kimochis® resources into daily practice. Kimochis® Advanced: (4hr Training) - An intensive workshop providing an advanced understanding of how to utilise this popular play-based tool. 

Primary - High School
Wellbeing Foundations: (3hr Training) - Developing foundational knowledge and principles of trauma informed practice within a classroom setting. Supporting the improvement of social and emotional awareness for children.

Wellbeing Coach: (on-site) - Wellbeing Coaches provide support to students with social and emotional skill building while providing training and guidance to staff on trauma informed practices and social & emotional strategies. 

additional products and services.

Kimochis® Australia Online Store
As a social and emotional literacy tool Kimochis® are a playful way to help children learn how to identify and express feelings. SMG is the primary re-seller of Kimochis® in Australia and New Zealand.
RRHAN-EC Masterclass
SMG is a registered provider of training for part 2 of the SA Education department’s mandatory notification training for Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care.