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Imagine a future where no-one remembered Christmas and the story behind it.

It’s the year 2,500 and a small group of time travellers stumble across an ancient activity, celebrated once a year across the earth, in times gone by.

The heart of the Christmas message is the generosity of the birth of a baby over 2,000 years ago and the gift it was to all the people of the earth.

This Christmas season we want to challenge young people all over South Australia to not only remember Christmas and the story that started it all, but to be generous, to their family, friends, schoolmates, and themselves.

We want to encourage young people to be generous in everything they do, and by looking at how we can be generous toward one another, we can make difference in our time.

The SMG Life Matters team will be travelling all over South Australia to share the Christmas story. You can be part of the story! You can help spread the Good News of that first Christmas. You can be part of saving the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

DONATE today and more young people and their schools can hear the Christmas Story and discover purpose, value and hope.