Lesson series

Kimochis Classroom Season 2

Join Alisi, Jem, John & James to learn about the Keys to Communication!
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What's included?

  • 7 Lessons
  • ELC - year 4
  • Craft activity's
  • Interactive 
  • Activities to take to your class!

Kimochis Lessons

Full length lessons for you and your class. You might be new to teaching with Kimochis or want to get some new ideas. This series will help you form a common language of feelings in your classroom.

Keys to communication

  1. Getting someone's attention
  2. Use a talking tone of voice
  3. Use a talking face and body 
  4.  Choose words that help
  5. Be brave and have a redo
  6. be kind and let people try again
  7. Assume the best!

Course Lessons