student wellbeing program FAQs.

Are community funded schools eligible for the Student Wellbeing Program?

All programs within the SMG student wellbeing program are available to all schools, however only NSWP schools are eligible for subsidy.  

How long will the subsidy initiative be available?

The exact timeframe is unknown and is subject to change at any time from the Dept for Education. At this stage we are looking at the subsidy program being available until the end of 2023 unless fully allocated beforehand.

Can I call through a seminar booking to the SMG support desk?

No. All expressions of interest need to be made through the dedicated EOI form available - click here to access it now.

Is there are limit as to how many seminars I have?

Whilst there is no formal cap on the number of seminars or programs available, there is a limit to the amount of subsidy that may be offered.

Can I book in a seminar directly with my school or do I need to work through my Regional Manager? 

Whilst not mandatory, it is recommended that all Expressions of Interest are done in consultation with your Regional Manager.

Will my school be notified of the Student Wellbeing Program?

We wanted PCWs to understand the student wellbeing offerings prior to schools being contacted. We will be in contact with schools soon.